Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mt. Cristobal Traverse (1470+ MASL) - Dolores Quezon/ San Pablo Laguna

It was the day that Philippines celebrated its Independence and so I made a celebration of myself too. I decided to try another thing aside from running. I know there is trail run but  I certainly entertain the idea of how it feels to be on top. Marvin (my HS classmate and a good friend of mine) open the idea, a "Mt. Cristobal Traverse". I was so proactive as if i couldn't take another chance.. hehe.. Itinerary was set and we're all  ready to meet at Buendia (Jam Liner station). We took 3+ hrs ride going to Dolores, Quezon where we have our quick lunch .From Dolores, we need to walk an hour going to Montelibano's house where we can fill our plastic bottles with water. The house was the only hydration station throughout the course.
as team headed to Montelibano's house
 group pic while on our way 
to the house
moi in front of the house

 @ Montelibano's house
We rested for an hour, had our small talk and took some pictures. At 3PM, we decided to proceed with the course. It will take us 3 to 4 hours before we reach the campsite and the probability that it will be dark by then was not a good idea for me. While on the course, i started to feel uncomfortable as i haven't got enough sleep (straight from work :P ) . My shoulders began to feel numb.  I did  some massage and gave my nape a cold compress. It was uneasy for me to do the assault but I composed myself and started to concentrate on the trail. There were times Miley Cyrus song "The climb" keeps playing on my mind. It's indeed a CLIMB for me! for crying out loud! :D
 350ml of pocari won't 
suffice my thirst :P
the album cover
The small talks in between greatly help to relax my senses (and Khendz thank you for that dextrose powder). My legs are warmed up. My little concern was the pressure on my nape and shoulders , it keeps bothering me for whatever reason. But thanks to the power of positive thinking, I took away the negative thoughts  and looked at the lighter side of the trail. I was very confident as 9 of them were all experienced mountaineers plus the fact that Sir Peter was there to share his expertise. The confidence was very high there's no room for doubt. 
As we don't have same pace and our bags varies from the supplies it can accommodate Rob, Ryan, Ian, Joey, Kat and Marvin headed first to the campsite. They need to reserve some slots as there are some mountaineers who are  already ahead of us.  The crater was not that big to entertain numbers of tents. I was a bit worried when darkness started to get in our way which come to the point that we doubted the trail we are going through. I was worried yet secretly admiring the things around me. The glow in the dark something on the trunk of the trees was an awe! Corny it may seems but it's a first for me.

with Khendz - just a little rest as we headed 
ourselves to the campsite
Finally the first group was able to catch us up before we head our way back (remember we doubted the trail and we're thinking it's already going to the summit) ^^. We finally met up with others and shared our tasteful dinner. I sit for a while for what they call "socials" a time to share little stories, jokes and some alcohols with other mountaineers. I was so exhausted i decided to run down on our tent. The night seems to be longer than usual. 
Marvin and the phasmida
We woke up at 5AM and prepared ourselves for the summit. A 30 minutes assault from our campsite. I must say that i enjoyed the cogon grass part. I found it cute ^^. And finally, we reached the Jone's Peak , the highest point of Cristobal. The wind was cold and the fog was thick there's no way for clearance. So we just took our souvenir pictures - group,solo and with other climbers (there are 4 more climbers in the summit). 

the morning pout :-*by Kat
 Marvin, Ryan and Rob
 @ Jone's Peak
wacky mode
the famous "sa dako paroon"
At 10:30AM, we descended our way to Nagcarlan (proposed IT). The trail was never easy. The slope was slippery and unfriendly. I can't remember how many times I shouted "petchay" every time i slide myself on the hill. As we go along the trail ,the group was divided into two. Macky, I and sir Pete headed our way to San Pablo. Nagcarlan trail was not that established and would only be feasible if we have a guide. We reached San Pablo pass 6PM. The locals were kind enough to take us a ride to the hi-way (approximately 5-7 KM away). In exchange, we handed about 2kilos of rice to the family. The others need to spend another night (don't worry the supplies are meant for 3days). I was home before 11PM to my mother's surprise! without any word, I went straight to bed and have my goodnight sleep. So much happy with the experience and so exhausted with my 8 hours walk. It was certainly a great hike and i will never forget how supportive and accommodating the group was. Cheers! J
with ryan, joey and sir peter
sir peter and Al - one of my fave!
@ the clearing - smiling yet a bit 
worried about the trail

more photos by Khendz click here.
Juxtapoz Pup

Monday, June 7, 2010

Anniversary Run

Last May 30, I, John and Cierely celebrated our 1st anniversary run through RunRio Trilogy Leg 2: Nature Valley Run. We all into running na talaga. We usually compete on each other every race. John being the first, I being the 2nd and Cierely being my second runner up. haha! We started running on Earth Run 2009 with an advocacy to help raise funds for Greenpeace. We all enjoyed the race and we found ourselves on the road. We usually joined 5K runs as we don't have proper training yet. John and I were working on shifts while Cierely was still a 4th year nursing student (it's mainly a conflict on our schedule specially if we're working at night). Most of our runs comes with beneficiaries (disabled, hospitals, environment, children etc) its like hitting 2 birds in one stone. We were able to help and we enjoyed what we're doing. It's really a runner's heaven once you crossed the finish line. See you at the start line. =) Cheers! J 

my "kagat labi" pose.. =)

Cierely on the move
"feet on fire"

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