Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting ready for Kalahating Maria

In less than 6 days i'll be running for the dolphins. I'm looking forward on the said date as it will be another milestone for me. Today I'll share some training tips from Dr. Stuart Weiss, MD. These training tips were shared by Condura for their 21k and 42k runners. 

A. Have a physical exam before you start a regular exercise program. Tell your physician what you plan to do, including the volume and intensity of your training and any races you have planned. Be as clear and precise as possible. 

For example: "I  plan to start a walk/run program and gradually build up to running. My goal is to run a five-hour marathon in February." The exam should also include a discussion with your doctor about your health risks based on your family and personal health history. 

B. Have an annual physical exam, no matter how healthy your lifestyle. Many conditions and syndromes are unrelated to your exercise level and have mild or vague symptoms or no symptoms at all. If you're over 40, get an exercise stress test. Follow-up after the exam by getting extra tests that are recommended. At anytime, see your doctor immediately if you experience new chest pain, pressure, unsual sweating or shortness of breath. Less urgetly, see as sports medicine physician if you feel any paid while runing that cause you to change your form. 

C. Think carefully about caffeine before races. If you habitually drink a cup or two of coffee or tea in the morning before yu run or race, or consume a caffeine-containing energy get during a run, you should feel free to do the same on race day. If you don't normally use caffeine before or during your run, don't do on race day. You may experience dehydration or upset your digestion. There is some research suggesting that the caffeine equivalent of two cups of coffee can limit blood flow to the heart during exercise. Discuss your risk with your doctor so you can make the best decision. 

D. Consider taking baby aspirin before your run or race. Some doctors recommend a daily baby aspirin (81 mg) to runners to reduce of sudden death while running due to clumps of platelets forming in the blood. Discuss this risk with your doctor so that you can make an informed and responsible decision. If taking daily baby aspirin isn't the healthiest decision for you, you might consider taking one on race morning. 

E. Take salt before and during runs and races of 10k and longer, unless salt is contraindicated by your doctor. Consume salty foods in the days leading up to the run or race, and ingest common table salt before and ruing you workout or race to maintain the body's water-to-sodium balance. Take on fast-foos salt packet at the start of the race. If you're running a half-marathon or marathon, take another salt packet the halfway point. After the race, take sport drink that has some sodium and eat salty foods. 

F. Drink for thirst. If you feel thirsty while running or racing, have 4 to 8 ounces of fluid (preferable a sports drink that has some sodium in it as an aid station or whenever you feel you need it. If you aren't thirsty, don't feel compelled to drink. If you can't use this as guide, drink no more than a cup (8 ounces) of fluid every 30 minutes. Do not overdrink. Overhydrating can lead to hyponatremia (low blood sodium). This condition can lead to nausea, fatigue, vomiting, weakness, sleepiness -- and in most severe instances - seizures, coma and death. Before you run, check the color of you urine. It should be pale yellow, like lemonade. Dark color urine (like tea) indicates dehydration.; completely clear urine may indicate overhydration. In training, weigh yourself before and after your runs to get a sense of how much to drink to replace the fluids lost. You should aim to weigh the same or no more thank 2 percent less after your train. You'll need to drink more in warm, humid weather than on a cool, dry day. 

G. Avoid NSAIDS (non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs) starting 24 hours before your race. These drugs, which include ibuprofen and naproxen sodium, can limit blood flow to kidneys, increasing the risk of low sodium (hyponatremia). You can start taking them again 6 hours after the race. 

H. Don't take anti-diarrheal or cold medicines on race day. These drugs can have dehydrating effects. 

I. Always listen to your body - don't overextend. Train sensibly. Increase the distance and speed of your runs gradually, and recover by resting and refueling betweek hard workouts. Working with a coach or training group can help you stay within safe and healthy parameters. 

J. Listen to your body. Don't ignore feelings of illness. A sense of "just not feeling right" can be a sign of serious medical problem. Then marathon medical team is available at the start, every mile along the course, and at the finish. Most runners who spend time at a medical aid station are able to finish the race. 
race bib number :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mt. Gulugod Baboy

Juxtapoz chillax year end climb ~ beachineering group date, what a way to end  2010 :)

Day 1 December 26, Sunday

0630 Assembly at Bus Terminal (Buendia-LRT)
0700 ETD for Batangas City
0900 ETA Brgy. Bolbok at the Diversion Road. Take Jeep going to Mabini.
0940 ETA Mabini Public Market
1000 Shop for Supplies. Arrange transpo for Brgy. Gasang Jump-off
1200 Lunch
1300 ETD Brgy. Gasang
1330 ETA Brgy. Gasang Jump-off. Register.
1345 Start trek
1545 ETA Campsite. Set up camp. Explore. Picture-picture.
1730 Prepate Dinner. Socials
2200 Lights Out.

Day 2 December 27, Monday

0500 Wake-up. Prepare breakfast. Break camp.
0700 Start descent
0830 ETA Brgy. Ligaya. Choose beach resort.
0900 Swimming. Enjoy.
1200 Lunch
1400 Pack-up. ETD for Mabini town proper
1600 ETA Mabini. Take buses going to Manila.
1800 ETA Manila.

on the pic: Badong and Van ~ parang namamasyal lang sa rancho yung dalawa :)
@Mabini Public Market for our supplies
on our way to Brgy. Gasang
Brgy. Gasang ~ jump off
friendly locals ~ They gave us water and free ride :)
souvenir pics sa walang hanggang sementadong daan ^^
trail moments
trail moments part 2
self advertising hihi..
set camp
masarap na menudo + mga gutom na kaluluwa =)
group pic before our descent to Brgy. Ligaya
ang wala ng bukas na jump shot ~ taken @Brine Valley Beach Resort
sunset shot

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