Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Zero Plastic Challenge

Speaking of going Green. I decided to support this campaign on plastic waste residual. I wanted to challenge myself of how am I going to survive this not just for a month but hopefully for good. 

Here's the details and please feel free to share :)

This coming June, we will refrain from using anything plastic - plastic bags, sachets, plastic packaging, etc. for a month.
(Recyclable and reusable plastics will not be included in this challenge - at least not yet. We're focusing on residuals at this time.)

1. In joining this challenge you don't have to do it for a month too, you can try the challenge for a week or even for a day only. 
2. Post a comment for every day that you join the challenge. Post every time you are able to say no to plastic, and share whatever alternative you are able to discover;
my addition: You can also track your activity then publish it in a weekly basis. 
3. Commit to a consequence. Choose your own consequence every time you use plastic, and stick to it. Here are some examples of a consequence:
a. For every plastic that I use within the challenge, I will volunteer for a day to any organization.
b. For every plastic that I use within the challenge, I will donate P5 to my favorite charity.
c. For every plastic that I use within the challenge, I will share this page to my FB friends.

Let's do it!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Good Times.. Good Music.. Good Memories..

credit to the owner of this photo ^^

I consider myself a Youtube fan from the time I've landed on this video-sharing website. Everybody loves music. Even the weirdest person has a favorite song. For me I consider music as my salvation as it never fails to save me from whatever moods I have (masakit ang tiyan, ulo, ngipin, mainit o malamig na panahon, may sipon o wala) hehe.. ^^

Here's my personal picks in no particular order (lahat ng yan maganda sa pandinig ko ^^). My most played songs for the past four months and so. Hope you like it. Enjoy listening! :)

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