Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lifehouse in Manila

Last May 26, me and 2 of my friends watched the Lifehouse concert at Smart Araneta. I'm really not into concert scene as I've seen it not practical to spend thousand of bucks for just 2-hour (or less) concert but there's something about the band that I really liked most, and yes i don't know why! hahaha maybe because it's comforting or maybe because their music makes you think about relationship (inside and outside). That's why some says Lifehouse's definition of love is interesting. Some themes of their songs includes not giving up, holding on, faith in relationship and believing in second chances. It matches my life somehow. My relationship to God, family and love ones. That's why when I learned about their concert I really want to see them perform live. hihi ^^ 

I'm sharing with you some happenings that night. Special thanks to those who took the video ^^

Hanging by a Moment ~ I like how they pull off this song. All fans are singing, yelling and rocking the big dome. What an intense feeling!
Video courtesy of MOZA Productions

Who would not love "You and Me"?
super cute ni Jason dito lagi naka smile ^^

Here's a 10 minute acoustic song performed by Jason. Songs are randomly requested by fans (Storm, Everything, Blind, Breathing, Sick Cycle Carousel, From Where You Are)
Video courtesy of Happy Red Panda

Here's the set list of the Concert: 

All In
Here Tomorrow Gone Today
Nerve Damage
You and Me
Whatever It Takes
Wrecking Ball
Storm, Everything, Blind, Breathing, Sick Cycle Carousel, From Where You Are (acoustic medley, by audience request)
Take Me Away
Falling In
Hanging By A Moment
First Time

Halfway Gone

For me they are the best live. Super happy to see them perform. Hope it won't take another 4 years to see them on stage again :)

Happy souls :)

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