Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Robinson Dasma to Lalaan Silang via Emilio Aguinaldo Highway

It was never a dream or better say, I never thought that I would run this famous highway of Cavite. How I come across the idea? It was actually my niece who opened the idea. Last Saturday morning after my 7k run at C6 (my usual route), I sent her a message asking if we can have a long run tomorrow (Sunday morning). My proposed route is Ayala-Bayani Rd-Heritage then rounds of Mckinley until we completed 16 kilometers. I was waiting for her reply and was actually online on Facebook when I saw that she posted something on my timeline.
post #1
post #2
I smiled when i read her second post. My niece longest run so far is 10k, she never ran beyond that distance. What catches my attention is "21k" and "Robinson Dasma - Tagaytay" hehe.. I did check the distance in Google maps. It is 21.8k if we are to take Emilio Aguinaldo highway. 

After several discussions of route's technicality (safety, hydration, time etc.), we decided to give it a shot. We woke up 4AM and reached the start point (Robinson's Place Dasma) almost 6AM. Though sun was already up our first 3km was a breeze, there are few vehicles on the road unlike the town proper of Dasma where most of the streets are filled with church goers (Happy Easter Sunday!)

Start point
Time starts now!
love the message: "Where there is Love.. There is God"
wala lang.. hehe cute kasi ng letter W
*still in Dasma
I'm not familiar how many Barangays Silang has but I smiled when I saw that we finally entered its vicinity. What I just know is the word "Silang" comes from Tagalog word "silanganan" meaning east, because the town is situated at the eastern part of Cavite. The town is also noted for it's relatively cool climate.

one, two, three... SMILE!
We stopped when we saw the arch welcoming us to the town proper of Silang. Maybe 6 point something kilometers (sorry i didn't note the exact distance). We bought ice cream on stick to relax our senses.. hehe chillax na chillax lang ^^
Manong tindero: Papunta kayong tagaytay niyan? san kayo galing?
Kami: Opo sana umabot, galing po kami sa Dasma.
Manong tindero: naku pagbalik niyo payat na kayo lalo kana (sabay turo kay Cierely) hehe..
Kami: tawa nlang :D

**Cierely: "Thank you ate Rose for my outfit and hydration belt"
We decided to enter the town proper of Silang. At almost 7AM you can't barely feel the heat of the sun. I started to feel Silang's cool wind. I continued my normal pace until i reached the busy town proper of Silang. If Dasma has Immaculate Conception, Silang has Candelaria. While waiting for Cierely and John, i took a shot of the church. 

Mahal na Birhen ng Candelaria
We decided to walk as we passed by the busy town then we continued our run. At 10k mark we already exited Silang's town proper and we are back again to Emilio Aguinaldo highway. I saw Balinsasayaw across the road. Cierely was already exhausted so I asked her to do run-walk strategy but she decided to walk most of the time. I asked her if she still wants to continue. She said yes but asked if we can just walk, so we decided to walk until we reached 13k mark.We rested in a small sari-sari store and ordered halo-halo for 20 pesos. I was surprised to see pineapple in halo-halo.. hihi.. it tastes good and sweet :)

Left side of the road: Emilio Aguinaldo highway
Right side of the road: going to Silang Town Proper
John and Lee on the right side of the road.. exiting Silang's town proper
while waiting for halo-halo to serve.. our small tambayan
her best reward hehe..
After our halo-halo galore. We continued to walk for another 2 kilometers. Cierely's legs continue to bother her so I decided that we should stop at 15k and took a ride going to pink sisters chapel (less than 2kms more). From there we met Shane who brought our stuffs (extra shirts, sandals, etc.).

road sign
in front of this church we took a jeepney going to pink sisters
total mileage 15.17 kilometers
route from my Garmin covering 15.17 kilometers

It was definitely a nice route but you need to be on your toes when running along the highway. If you ask me if i want to do it again you'll get a resounding YES. Next time i'll make sure to cover the half marathon distance and make a side trip again to Tagaytay. You may want to check these Safety Tips for Jogging on the Highway

Until my next post... ciao!


  1. Ansaya! Gusto ko rin nyan kaso naman 5k plang nga di ko na madagdagan.. haha! unahan pa ako ni Jess mag 10k...

  2. kaya mo yan kelangan mo lang ng motivation.. gusto mo sign up ka ng 10k race para may dahilan kang mag praktis ganun lang sikreto nun.. tested ko na hahaha.. gusto ko nga din ulitin yan eh..


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