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Makiling Traverse

Hi earthlings! I'd like to apologized as I wasn't able to update my blog for more than a year now, you know from the start that blogging isn't really my passion but I'm really as in REALLY trying to embrace it to  properly document my "gala" ^^

You haven't heard anything from me for more than a year so I'm making "bawi" this time :)

I'll start with Makiling Traverse or "Maktrav" as known by mountaineering community. We finally settled our Makiling Traverse last July 2011. It was first re-scheduled due to rain and health condition of our very own Joeyboi. Five of us were able to make it that day, two girls (moi and Bhie) and three guys (Marvin, Joey and Rob). Your's truly as well as the three guys met up at LRT-Buendia station where we took Lucena or any Maharlika-bound bus (as stated in IT). I am really not particular with the time as Marvin was the one who took care of our IT. We met Bhie in Sto. Tomas Public Market where we also bought our supplies.

Bhie, moi, Rob, Marvin with "Lola Maria" ^^
Upon accomplishing our needs we headed our way to Brgy. San Bartolome (jump off). Registration was Php 20.00 per head. We also met a group of mountaineers who'll be doing a traverse-reverse thingy. It was really a jaw dropping statement from them and I was really awe! Marvin was thinking that the group might be up for more challenging climb in the future and they're doing it as training.

Jump off
Voltes V, Power Rangers or First Five hehe
The group left before us. While on our way to the trail we met four little locals of San Bartolome. They started talking to us and we did a little chit-chat. We gave them some of our jelly ace and asked them to go back coz they're starting to follow us on trail!

Joeyboi with little boys of San Bartolome
We finally started our trek. We took 5 minutes break when needed. Our pace was relaxed and easy when it started raining :( We need to stop when we think that we cannot bear the cold. Before the rain pours generously, we're lucky to encountered some locals "mangangahoy" and they're kind enough to share their tents. Sadly, I don't have souvenir pictures of them.

Start trek
clearing..opportunity for picture taking :)
fair weather, never imagined there'll be a down pour
BATO..ang laki eh ^^
I can't remember when the famous "limatik" started to get in our way but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen any during the first hour of our trek. I started to get paranoid with this little creature and so we did "limatik check" to ensure that these "little friends" of ours are not surveying our shirt and face :) By the way, we took our lunch (packed lunch) on trail. We finally reached the Melkas where we pinned our tents. We're the only group who camped there. The place was mossy, cold and creepy (or am I the only one thinking that? ^^). There were times when I thought I heard voices but as per Marvin it's just the howls of the wind. Scary but Blair Witch Project keeps playing on my mind. whaaah!! We ate our dinner and enjoyed each others company "kulitan and joke time ON". Bhie and I decided to surrender our bodies to our comforters. We ensured that our tent is "limatik free" for less paranoid sleep hehehe.. FYI: we put cottons on our ears for protection hihi.. paranoid much! :D 

ang dugyot namen :D
Oye! dinner time :)
Our supposed to be 4AM wake up time was a challenge specially to our 3 guys as they laugh their heart out last night and was never tired buying each others joke hehe.. We managed to break our camp and have our quick breakfast and left the Melkas past 6AM.

puyat puyat due to limatik hunting sa tent
Wacky shot before leaving the camp site
We started our trek going to peak 3. We maintained our chillax pace throughout the course. The trail was slippery due to continuous rain yesterday. We reached the first rope section of the trail. We need to climb without our bags on. So Marvin decided to climb first then he needs to pull our bags one by one before our turn. It took us an hour to surpass that trail. I documented 3 rope sections which includes peak 2 and 3 summits.

first rope section na di ko inasahang may mga kasunod pa hehehe..
joey quote "use your upper body strength"
Here's our souvenir pictures at Melkas Ridge. We actually got lost and was rained before we reached the peak 2. We need to trace our path for about an hour. 

Oh nah nah :)
all smile :)
shot from Rob
ang matapang na c Joey
ang matapang na c Marvin
Ambin boy.. super like na shot!
The super dupah untidy hikers of Makiling hihi..

Peak 3
Peak 2 - walang tatalo sa kadugyutan! :D
We took our quick lunch at peak 2 summit and descended our way to UPLB. The trail was a lot easier this time. There are also markers along the trail so it's a bit encouraging as you passed by each station. We doubled our pace this time as we're aiming to visit the mud spring. Unluckily, a very tiny limatik entered Bhie's eye. She was a bit nervous and panicking at the same time but we need to move on. I admired her courage that time, a true mountaineer spirit on her. We finally landed to a small barangay where we rode "habal habal". I'm excited coz it's my first time and I really enjoyed it (sayang wala akong pictures, sumuko na rin yung cameras namen). And so we reached the famous mud spring. We just stayed for 15 minutes and took our souvenir pictures then we continued our "habal habal" ride up to UPLB.

mud spring
Over all it was still a great hike. If you are looking for a challenging climb you should try Maktrav. It offers a lot of adventures...ligaw moment in Melkas Ridge, a challenging rope sections, limatik heaven and scattered rain showers. Apart from these adventures, I can say that it is a must see mountain. The vegetation was high and was really taken cared of by locals and the university. I also recommend that proper training should be done before doing Maktrav, make sure you're equipped with ropes and best of all experience :)


  • We haven't seen the hikers we met at San Bartolome jump off so it means they failed to do the reverse in Makiling. 
  • During our "ligaw moment" in Melkas Ridge, I did a stunt... nadulas ako as in! konti nlang gulong na....hehe... masakit sa pwet ah!
  • Bhie was able to remove the "limatik" when she got home. No further hassle caused.
  • I survived the limatik! Yes I'm the only survivor! my greatest accomplishment in Maktrav :D

Mt. Makiling Traverse via Palanggana Trail IT

Day 1 - July 2, 2011

0430 Assembly at LRT-Buendia. Take Lucena or any Maharlika-bound bus 
0600 Drop off at Sto. Tomas Public Market; Breakfast and Buy Supplies
0800 Head to Brgy. San Bartolome by tricycle   
0830 Registration; final preparations                
0900 Start trek                                            
1200 ETA Palanggana Peak. Lunch.                                    
1500 ETA Melkas Ridge campsite. Set Camp.
1600 Explore
1800 Dinner / Socials
2100 Lights Out

Day 2 - July 3, 2011

0430 Wake up call
0530 Breakfast / Break Camp
0600 Start Trek                  
0630 ETA Melkas Ridge (Haring Bato)                                              
0700 ETA Peak 3 (1020 MASL)
0730 Proceed with traverse via Wild Boar trail
0900 ETA Peak 2 (1090 MASL)
0930 Start descent
1200 ETA Nursery / Lunch
1300 Resume trek to UPLB / Visit Mudsprings and Flatrocks
1600 ETA College of Forestry; take jeep to Los Banos proper
1800 Lunch at Grove
1900 Take bus back to Manila
2100 ETA Manila
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