Sunday, October 27, 2013

Time flies so fast for Week 17

Yay! time flies so fast for Week 17...

Monday was fun filled day; it was my boss’ pre-birthday celebration. We had a feast at the office despite the fact that we need to do a panel interview for the new member of our team. I know you’re thinking “why doing an interview during the party?” well you don’t need to worry about that as it turned out hmmm pretty well J

Past 7PM, we went to St. Lukes in BGC to attend the 2nd Bull Circle. I never thought that it will be a hilarious night. Neville and Hector from Secondwind really know how to win the crowd with their crazy antics. Raymond of shared his TBRDM experience and how marathon inspires him to train and make it in Ironman. Patrick talked about being passionate on the things you really want to do. He shared his stories on how he started his passion for running and how his “friend” (who actually turned out to be his mother) jokes him of being insane with running. Patrick told his friend that “If it’s insanity he doesn't want to be normal again”. This hits a big note to me; it only means that if we are too passionate on something we tend to loose ourselves. Your family, friends and love ones are no longer seeing your normal selves. You started to move out to your comfort zones. You learn to focus and set your goals. You find joys and fulfillment in what you do and it inspires you to do more. 
You tend to celebrate your small wins and remember every detail of your downfalls. It was indeed a significant talk to remember. It wraps up my day J

Tuesday, Wednesday…..finally Thursday!

I scheduled my maintenance run last Thursday, one hour of 4:1 method at track 30th. I was joined by two of my friends. It was an easy run focusing on the method I chose. I was able to run with a retired lieutenant, he said he’s a member of Run Warriors that usually runs in BGC.  He’s 68 years old and had joined 2 marathons. He invited me to do the run drill with his colleague. He’s very accommodating and he even introduced me and my friends to their head coach named Ricky (kung di ako nagkakamali hehe). Tatay also invited us to join the drills every Tuesday and Thursday.  Thanks to you tatay lieutenant! I miss my tatay tuloy, teary eyed ;(

Friday work, rest and getting ready for Bull Session 2 on Saturday!

Okay! I was late. I arrived 6:10AM at track 30th. The groups are doing their 20 minutes loop in High street. I was able to see some groups and even talked to one of my batchmates from 2:1 group. I even spotted Michelle Logan pacing one of the packs. I decided to do the 4:1 method on my own for 70 minutes as stated in training guide.  It was a breeze! I really love running in the morning, it really starts up my day. You got to see fresh faces, family and friends running together. It felt so good to see people who have same passion with you. 

Photo grabbed from Photo-Ops
Nice picture Batchmates!! :)

"Number one is to just gain a passion for running.  To love the morning, to love the trail, to love the pace on the track.."  -- Pat Tyson

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