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Preparing for Full Mary: TBRDM 2014

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From the day i fell in love with running. I'm always looking forward on the day that I see myself crossing the finish line and being able to call myself a marathoner. Conquering the divine distance (Full Mary) will be a dream come true for me. After 7 half marathon races and being heartbroken after my most fave gadget give up its strap to humidity. I finally find myself joining The Bull Runner Dream Marathon. I've been planning and thinking of joining this race but it seems elusive to me for the past 2 years! I've been in hiatus for a year and I'm proud to say that my last marathon race was RU3 2012 (**iyak!**). On the positive light, it is maybe the break that i needed to get back, feel hungry and enliven again! :)

About the Race: 

Just to give you an idea. TBRDM is the first and only marathon in the world that caters first-time and second-time marathoner and to tell you! it's only in the Philippines! Yah! it is made possible by the one and only The Bull Runner herself Jaymie Pizarro. 

I personally chose to be part of the TBRDM family considering the support and training they provide for first-timers and as being one in the future I decided to write this once in a lifetime journey on my blog. The program will run for 22 weeks which includes 5 Bull Circles (talks), 5 Bull Sessions (clinics) and weekly training runs (maintenance runs and long runs). Students still have their homeworks to do huh! :P

Bull Circles and Sessions:

The first Bull Session was held last September 18 at Henry Sy Auditorium, St. Lukes Medical Center in Bonifacio Global City. It is a 2-hour talks about The Marathon and The Dream Marathon Program and Pacing. Coach Jim Lafferty discussed the do's and don'ts of the training program while Coach Lit Onrubia talked about proper posture and cadence in running. Coach Lit is the first and only Certified ChiRunning/ ChiWalking instruction in the Philippines and second in Asia. To find more about ChiRunning click here.

Coach Lit also headed the First Bull Session together with Jaymie. This was held last Oct 5 at Track 30th in BGC. The dreamers (as what we call ourselves) are divided into 6 groups. two 4:1 groups, two 3:1 groups and two 2:1 groups. I joined the 4th group (3:1 group, ave pace of 8 minutes) as start up. It was a breeze and all dreamers were pacing up on each other :) Sadly my friend Dana wasn't able to attend the first session but i know she's a monster on the road now hahaha and certified paddler pak na pak! and I'm seeing myself eating her dust during race day lol!!

We're on week 17 this coming week and I'm looking forward for the next Bull Circle and Session this Monday and Saturday. I'm currently tagging along my boardmate during weekday runs and she's also with me during the first Bull Circle, so I'm saying that she's one lucky girl! hahaha. I keep telling her to grab the opportunity since I'm free to tag my friends and family :) 

Here's the topic for the next Bull Circle. I'm excited to hear Patrick Concepcion a.k.a. RunningShield as I am an indeed follower of his blog. He's also the man behind Condura Skyway Marathon which hold memories of my pikermi days. So seeyah batchmates! :)

"If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience another life, run a marathon" -Emil Zatopek


  1. Hello Bheng, We're batchmates! I hope to see you on Saturday. :)

  2. Hi Sandi! Thanks for dropping by.. Hope you had a great run this morning! :)


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